Fabric Furniture Maintenance Service

Fabric Upholstery Protector Service

When 3M Fabric Protector is applied onto furniture fabric, it forms a protective shield around each fibre which repels oil and water, and resist soil too. This services helps prolong the capability and protection of the furniture.

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Service

A full series of economic and quality carpet sample have been provided for your selection. Our skillful and experienced workers can provide a satisfying installation service to you

Preventive Maintenance

3M CARPET PROTECTOR SREVICE - When 3M Carpet protector is applied, a fluorochemical finish can protect the carpet fabric from stain, soil & water. Dirt can easily be removed and vaccuming has become more effective.

Regular Maintenance

  • ZENITH CARPET CLEANING SERVICE - Carpet spray cleaning is a method of low-moisture, low foaming; it dries quickly with just 30 minutes to restore your carpet to fresh & bright appearance.
  • ZENITH PROFESSIONAL SPOT CLEANING - Spot Cleaning avoids long-period stains, keeping your carpet fresh & its new-look.
  • ZENITH PEST CONTROL SERVICE - Prevent the growth of fleas, mosquitoes & cockroaches and other insects. 

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Service

i. Maintaining and improving the sanitary conditions, regular steam cleaning for fabric upholstery is most important.

ii. Avoid long-period stains and serve the prevention of infection.

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