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Zenith Carpet offers a range of carpet and upholstery cleaning service, together with professional equipment, approved and environmental-friendly chemicals. 

First impression is most essential asset to the first impression of your company. A clean and tidy office not only provides a good impression to your customers, but also enhances the working environment to your staff.

Zenith has been providing Carpet Maintenance Service since its establishment in 1989. Zenith aims to provide quality services to ensure customers' satisfaction with Zenith Carpet Maintenance System and 3M & Johnson Cleaning Products. Besides, a HK$1,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance Scheme has been implemented against the breakage and damage of your properties.

With unique equipment, approved & environmental chemical, skillful workers, good follow up and best management.

Zenith is one of the Largest Carpet Care Company in Hong Kong. We have 100% confident in providing our customers an excellent, professional & satisfactory service.


Time & Cost


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Carpet Life


Environmental Friendly

The principal of Zenith is to give our clients total satisfaction,
save time and save cost.
Our skillful & experience representatives will help maximising the cleanliness beyond your imagination.

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